Where is The Nicaraguan Riviera?

  • Our beachfront lots are near the fishing and farming community of Salinas Grandes. About 75 minutes from the modern international airport at Managua on the scenic main highway you will reach the exit for Salinas Grandes. After 11 picturesque kilometers (about 7 miles) you will reach your vacation / retirement paradise.

Is there transportation from the airport?

  • If you are coming to view your future property please allow us to know your plans in advance so that we can provide/arrange transportation and accommodations. Otherwise you will have a wide range of rental car agencies as well as tour and taxi services at reasonable rates to choose from at the airport.

What about shopping, dining and entertainment?

  • The nearest city, about 25 minutes away, is the charming and vibrant historic colonial city of Leon, the cultural center of the country. In Leon you will shop at the modern, North-American style supermarket and hardware storesand dine at a large choice of restaurant from fast-food to the most elegant. Leon is also famous for its art galleries and magnificent cathedrals and public squares. And traditional open-air and indoor public markets abound. There is even a volcano in the vicinity.

Tell me more about Leon…

  • OK, Leon is one of the oldest cities in the Americas, – founded in 1524 on the shore of lake Xolotlan by Francisco Hernandez Cordoba. Unfortunately, the site was too near the Momotombo volcano (that you may admire and photograph on the way from the airport). All was well for 200 years during which time Leon was the national capital – until January 11, 1610 when the population abandoned the city following an eruption and series of earthquakes. The displaced resident re-established the city at its present location and the original site is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is the basic objective of The Nicaraguan Riviera S.A.?

  • Our first objective is to provide you with the beachfront villa of your dreams on the lot of your choice in one of our special gated communities or on a private beachfront lot of your choice all at a price that will please you.
  • We are also concerned about the welfare of the local community and are very impressed by their skills, work ethics, loyalty and reliability. Accordingly we currently employ only the local workforce and look forward to bettering the future for the local population through providing training and full-time positions for as many local residents as possible.

What will our life at the beach be like?

  • Your days at the beach will be consistently warm and breezy. The sun will rise at 6:00 AM and set in a glorious blaze of color on the Pacific horizon each night at about 6:00 PM. During the local summer (November – March) rain is extremely rare. With the exception of the mid-day siesta time the temperature is ideal for walking and all manner of outdoor activities. There is almost always a good breeze and no insects to bother you. The other local season is referred to as the rainy season since it will rain heavily about once each week to provide the country’s lush vegetation and bumper crops – as well as a nightly fireworks display on the Pacific horizon.
  • The daily temperature pattern is consistent year-round. During the “siesta time” you will relax under your thatched “rancho” with an iced tea or watch TV in your air-conditioned villa. You could also swim in your pool or in the warm Pacific surf. Your villa will have all the appliances and features that are standard in your other home in North America or Europe. The electrical service is 120/240 volts and DirecTV (known in Central America as SKY TV) provides excellent reception of all your favorite programs.

Who are the principals of The Nicaraguan Riviera S.A.?

  • We are basically typical beachfront villa owners just like you will be. The only difference is that we got here first and were overwhelmed by the beauty, charm and potential of this immense and unspoiled beach. We were also impressed by the complete and utter privacy. In fact, it is too private at the present time so we decided that your presence and that of your friends was needed to create a wonderful vacation community. Of course we are also interested in achieving a return on our beachfront investment – just like you will when your investment in your villa quickly multiplies in value as the economy strengthens and the Nicaraguan tourism boom ignites.

What recreation opportunities are available?

  • All recreational opportunities related to the warm Pacific Ocean and a glorious sand beach are possible. This will include swimming, surfing, sunbathing, jogging, biking, horseback riding, shell collecting, whale and turtle watching and fishing. All of the foregoing will be found “at your front door”. Elsewhere but nearby will be found golf courses, casinos, art galleries, craft markets, historic sites and cathedrals, volcanoes, coffee and sugar plantation tours and many other local attractions.