A Beautiful Thing is Growing

For the past few months a beautiful thing has been growing on an attractive beachfront property in our favorite Pacific oceanfront community in Nicaragua. It was growing slowly at first – but now it’s impressive size is attracting quite a bit of attention.

It came to life one day in September of 2012 when a group of partners in a small corporation met on a beautiful beachfront lot with some shovels and planted a memorable seed. It was the seed of a wonderful opportunity – an opportunity for the community to embark on a path to greater prosperity through employment and an opportunity for a fortunate family – just like yours – to begin a new and unforgettable chapter in their lives.

On that day we broke ground on the spot where a beautiful, state-of-the-art  home would arise from the fertile mind and talents of one of the country’s leading architects, Mr. Boris Guevara.  Joining with the equally impressive abilities of our California-trained and experienced builder, Mr. Marlon Barrera and his assistant, the diligent and talented Mr. Octavio Delgadillo, this journey began. Mr. Barrera is well-known for his renovations of impressive architectural landmarks in the city of Leon, as well as his contemporary housing projects. In fact, not only has Mr. Barrera restored the city’s most impressive hotel, he has built one of his own in Leon.

Under the watchful eyes and with the full impact of the talents of these men and the best of Nicaragua’s skillful workers a beautiful home is rising on an attractive property on the best beach on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.
Nicaraguan Riviera Show Home
From the specially raised foundation with a breathtaking ocean view, to the lifetime roof of hand-made ceramic tiles, this home will epitomize all that its fortunate future owner could have dreamed of. The services, facilities and amenities will be the best available, incorporating all the most modern features – including internet access and the full range of US and local television programming for it’s wall-mounted flat-screen TVs.

The fortunate owner will choose from collections of high quality furnishings and accessories. The water supply will be produced from the property’s inexhaustible private well and will be purified by a maintenance free, state of the art, reverse osmosis filtration system of the type used to produce commercially available bottled drinking water.

The large, slightly elevated, beachfront property from which this lovely home is emerging has now been completely enclosed by an attractive garden wall hand built of locally produced brick specially chosen to complement the features of the home that it surrounds.
Nicaraguan Riviera Show Home
As future visitors approach this home they will know that they are about to have a memorable experience when they pass the impressive brick gatehouse at the entrance to the property.  As they proceed up the gently curving brick drive way through the lush tropical landscaping featuring flowering bougainvillas and palms, they will experience tranquility and a bright shimmering sea.

Once at the house the views from the covered patios on both the ground floor and the upper level will attest to the fact that this wonderful beach front villa is actually on an island – a “barrier island” – hugging the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The view from the ocean side of the home encompasses “nothing but beach” – arguably the best beach on the Pacific coast of Central America . The view from the entrance side of the home includes glimmering views of the lagoon and the ponds that are used to produce sea salt, a local export. The road from the highway to the island passes through the area of the lagoons on a causeway.

At this point I feel justified in using the stock phrase, “it defies description”, in attempting to further describe the interior of the house – because the large rooms with the impressively high ceilings contain only the promise of the stunning interiors offered by the architects renditions. It will be the responsibility of the proud future owner to complete this masterpiece through their selections from the lists of optional appliances, furnishings and décor packages. What can be said at this point is that the three bedrooms are large and bright with magnificent views and impressive bathrooms. The dining area and adjoining kitchen is memorable – and the living room is “to die for!”.
Nicaraguan Riviera Show Home
But the best is yet to come. This home is surrounded by the ultimate in scenery and 365 times each year it is blessed by the very best that our universe has to offer – the magnificent, world-famous, sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Every evening the sun puts on a glorious display as it fills the whole sky with an ever-changing panorama of glowing colors – and this home is built with the facilities needed to experience this natural wonder to it’s fullest. I am referring to the wonderful covered patios on both the upper and lower levels. As the future owner, you would spend much of you residency enjoying the scenery in the company of friends on these very special living areas of your beachfront villa.

You would never tire of visually exploring the beach from your upper patio. The magnificent beach consists of nothing but sand and the occasional sprinkling seashells – and the occasional sprinkling of seabirds. There is almost nothing else – no stones – no sea weed – no debris – no hazards of any kind and – until you get to the village – no boats and almost no people. At the far distant ends of the beach are the lagoons, populated by countless sea birds from large brown pelicans and wading birds of many types to the tiniest birds scampering at the edge of the surf.

The surf is constant and the ocean is very shallow for hundreds of feet from shore so the surfers can walk to their favorite wave if they don’t want to paddle their boards. And, speaking of surfers – there is almost no other human population on the beach – with the exception of the occasional cyclist and local fisherman casting a net in the early morning.

This home on the beach is waiting for you.

Contact Rick Hilborn to arrange a tour of our new model beachfront home in beautiful Salinas Grande, Nicaragua.