Custom Premium Beachfront Villas ~ Phaso Dos

Lot # Width ft. (avg.) Depth ft. (avg.) Area sq. ft. (approx.) Price: includes 1500 sq. ft. Premium Villa
K1 43.24 97 4,194 $253,950
K2 43.24 98.7 4,268 $255,800
K3 43.24 100.7 4,354 $258,000
K4 43.24 102.6 4,436 $260,000
K5 43.24 105 4,540 $262,600
K6 43.24 106.9 4,622 $264,650
K7 43.24 108.9 4,708 $266,800
Second Row
K8 44.57 108.9 4,849 $250,830
K9 44.57 106.9 4,765 $249,130
K10 44.57 105 4,680 $247,380
K11 44.57 102.6 4.573 $245,130
K12 44.57 96.2 4,288 $239,330
K13 44.57 94.4 4,207 $237,630
K14 44.57 92.5 4,123 $235,680

Our experienced builder is waiting to provide you with your dream home (and perhaps even a charming guesthouse) on your beachfront estate.  You may soon visit our existing villas that will illustrate the high quality of our building skills, the overall construction expertise we offer and the top quality materials and finishes that we provide. You will be impressed by the quality of the steel-reinforced concrete construction, the flawless custom coloured stucco wall finishes, and the maintenance-free tile floors both inside and in the patios, decks and exterior walkways. You will admire the large fully tiled kitchens and bathrooms, the high-quality air-conditioning as well as the appliances and furnishings packages offered.

Most of all – you will be impressed by the low cost of your villa residence. It will be a fraction of what you would expect to pay in your hometown or in other popular tropical vacation or retirement locations. Your price will also be exceptionally competitive with local prices.

Your new home will be custom built for you in the elegant Mediterranean villa style that is so well suited, both esthetically and functionally to your new lifestyle on the Nicaraguan Riviera. You will choose from designs featuring elegant archways with high ceilings and beautifully tiled floors. You may choose from an array of the most up-to-date and upscale appliances and entertainment options. You will select from a range of patio styles and may include quarters for your maid or guests.

Your Premium Oceanfront Villa Features

  • Eco-friendly/green building principles
  • Premium grade steel-reinforced concrete foundation
  • Premium grade concrete walls –  9′ ceilings
  • Ceramic tile roof
  • Premium grade copper electrical wiring throughout
  • Premium grade plumbing to all kitchen, bathrooms & laundry sinks and toilets
  • Quality-made cabinets for kitchen, bathrooms
  • Energy efficient air conditioning
  • Quality-made sinks, toilets, laundry basin
  • Granite counter-tops or equivalent
  • Quality septic system with proper filtration
  • Quality rust-proof hinges and hardware
  • Energy efficient water heater
  • Weather-proof window shutters
  • Tile flooring throughout
  • Solid 3mm glass in all windows
  • Fully trimmed and finished interior
  • Includes all appliances – washer & dryer, refrigerator, stove and microwave oven
  • Includes architectural renderings and autoCAD plan
  • 1 year structural and workmanship warranty
  • An immaculate view of the beach and ocean

Deluxe Upgrades

  • Professional landscaping on entire property
  • Private gardens and sitting areas
  • Stone/brick accented walkways
  • 12 foot ceilings
  • Raised foundation
  • Spanish tiled roof (includes protective liner)
  • Over-sized balconies
  • Upgraded cabinetry
  • Perimeter walls for entire lot.
  • Secure storage areas – including fire-proof storage for propane tank
  • Splash pool
  • Maid’s quarters
  • Oceanfront foot-wash and shower
  • Guest house (1000 Sq. Ft.)
  • Swimming pool
  • Rancho

Rancho features

  • Outdoor kitchen complete with stove, sink and cabinets
  • Tile floor
  • Second story
  • Shower

Extras – upon request

  • Emergency gas fired generator – back-up system
  • Raised 50 gallon water reservoir – back-up system

Furniture Packages available upon request

Landscaping will feature tiled walkways through ornamental gardens that feature the exotic floral species and palms that are provided by the Nicaraguan horticulturists.

Our planning also includes a centrally located community center complete with a swimming pool, recreation facilities, shops and guestrooms.

We anticipate that some investors will recognize the incredible investment potential that individual ownership of more than one villa will offer. Accordingly, we will work with such buyers to reach acceptably discounted prices.