A Word About Your New Neighbours

In contrast to the usual faceless and foreign owned development conglomerates that are currently exploiting real estate in Central America our company, Nicaraguan Riviera S.A., is a Nicaraguan corporation that is entirely owned and operated by several Canadians, one American and one Nicaraguan. We all own personal residential property on the Nicaraguan Riviera beach – and, frankly we would love to have you as our new neighbour. As you may have detected from the spelling of the word “neighbour” this text is being written by one of the Canadians. Our American partner is a retired educator and now full-time fisherman and condo management advisor, the Canadians are owner-operators of successful family businesses and include our dynamic one-man Sales and Marketing division. Our Nicaraguan partner is an experienced, California-trained, builder of high quality homes. He is currently completing a 16,000 square foot luxury mansion with fifteen bathrooms and all the trimmings in Leon. When you come to arrange for him to build your luxury residence you will probably spend a night or two in the mansion.

As the texts in this website imply, we are among the very first to discover the Nicaraguan Riviera and develop private vacation residences on the beach. Now we want to share this wonderful place with you and others like you. Currently our principal local companions are the native residents of the nearby farming and fishing settlements of Salinas Grandes. We provide the local villagers with much needed employment as caretakers, gardeners and housekeepers. They will welcome you and the employment opportunities that you will bring. We have also helped the local families in a variety of other ways, including construction employment, organization and financing of annual celebrations, funding of major repairs to the local potable water system and repairs to the local school.

We, and our corporation, have been warmly welcomed by the councillors and mayor of the local city of Leon who have promised to provide support including the upgrading of the local infrastructure.

When You Are Absent …

You should not be concerned about ongoing maintenance and security. Our property management staff of local resident caretakers will look after your property and any routine bills when you cannot be there, and even when you are in residence, for a modest monthly fee. Should you wish to let your property “pay for itself” through its rental income potential we will provide access to a “rental pool” through the property management service.