Show Home

Our gorgeous beachfront show home is now finished, furnished and waiting for you.

The basic landscaping with palms and tropical plants is done and your full-time caretaker couple has been living in the gatehouse and taking care of your future investment for several weeks.

Now it’s all up to you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to get ahead of the crowd and own a piece of this unique community that will improve your lives in many ways – both culturally and financially. The cultural benefits to your family from your future weeks in this beautiful and safe country (Nicaragua and Canada are the two safest countries in all the Americas) will be obvious when you meet the charming local residents and sample the incredible cultural and historical diversity of our cities and countryside – with cathedrals from the earliest days of the Spanish explorers to the most modern features of today’s society – including modern supermarkets, hospitals with low cost medical care and all your favorite US TV shows on your wall-mounted flat-screen HDTV.

To invest in a beachfront villa built by Nicaraguan Riviera S.A. is a lot more than just buying a vacation home. You will be making the investment that will bring your family rewards of many kinds during your lifetime. The cultural benefits are boundless and quite obvious – but please do not overlook the very substantial financial upside to your investment. By investing now you will be “getting in on the ground floor” of the latest great real estate opportunity since the Costa Rican boom of the past two decades. If our beachfront villas were in Costa Rica today they would easily sell for two or three times our asking prices. That is, if you could find a comparable beach in that country on which to build them. Please note that our beach easily matches the best in southern California.

So, before my enthusiasm gets this preamble out of hand, let me reiterate the main message “Buy your family the investment that will enrich your lives both culturally and financially forever – AND LET OTHERS HELP PAY FOR IT.

It’s easy – just do the following: Buy your family a brand new beachfront home on an amazing Pacific coast beach on the Nicaraguan Riviera. Of course you will have to act quickly to buy this particular brand new home. But if you miss it don’t despair – we’ll custom build you another one on a nearby beachfront lot. You will be impressed by the quality of our architect’s designs and the quality of our California-trained builder’s workmanship.

And that’s not all – you will also be impressed by all the ongoing after-sale services and options that come with the home. The following is the text of the excellent purchaser’s service package that will treat you like an honored guest in your own home while actually helping to pay for it.

“On behalf of the buyers of Nicaragua Riviera S.A. homes Aurora Leon Realty,, agrees to manage:

1) The property which includes but is not limited to, coordinating reliable security services and staff for the property, forwarding payment of all monthly / annual fees including staff remuneration, phone and internet , electricity and water bills, taxes, insurance premiums, and ensuring the overall care of their home. The fee for this service will be $100 per month.

2) The rental of the property at the buyer’s request. This will include but is not limited to, promoting the house on VRBO, and the AL website , taking reservations, receiving deposits, handling any problems during a renter’s stay, managing inventory and making sure no damage has occurred before returning the damage deposit, and coordinating transportation for the renters. The fee for this service will be 20% of the rental income.”

Please recognize in the above the important advantages that these services impart to the purchase of your dream beach home / investment. Your enjoyment of your dream vacation home will not be diminished or marred by recurring local financial obligations and other ongoing property-related matters. And as if these benefits were not enough – your property actually begins to pay for itself. And while all of the above impressive benefits are occurring your property is substantially appreciating in value as Nicaragua continues to blossom on the world real estate stage into “The California of Central America”.

Contact Rick Hilborn to arrange a tour of our new model beachfront home in beautiful Salinas Grande, Nicaragua.